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Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji

"As the repository of all wisdom she honors
the Absolute truth, is forgiving and has the
ability to see God in all. She has the compassion,
knowledge, patience and fortitude to take the
world to new heights of spiritual wisdom.
Blessed are the souls to gain wisdom through her."
Divine Bliss International's main philosophy, through the teachings of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, is to open the light within, which will assist the true seekers of this world to be liberated, by connecting them to their higher self.
Unconditional connection with the inner light and wisdom, starts the upliftment process of the self.  The spirit is awakened as soon as the individual understands and connects with their inner light. The inner journey is the essential prerequisite for the self realization process.
Spiritual Awakening is the basis for healing, through surrender to the higher guidance of self. Spirit is understood as the universal concept of love. Religion at its purest form is understood as the journey that teaches one to relate to the spirit without fear and with unconditional love.
Self realization is promoted through the unconditional acceptance of the individual, family and the community. True healing is when we are able to connect to ourselves mind, body and soul, as the one relationship complete in all its aspects, enriching an individual to unconditionally share their light with others.

Experience the Light Within You

Through the grace of Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, we are enthusiastic to bring the joy of bliss to the world. With this in mind, we envision a vast serene Centre complex flawlessly designed to uphold the energies of the Light. This beautifully orchestrated Centre is designed to create a space with high vibrational frequencies from which everyone who visits can be benefitted.
This well coordinated space combined with a structured experiential program will allow seekers to experience a unique opportunity to harmonize their mind, body & spirit.

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