A guru is a spiritual teacher, someone who guides you on the spiritual path.
The mind constantly wonders, seeking out its desires and connecting to its wants and wishes of the physical world. These wants and desires, though they seem to promise happiness when they are fulfilled, will not actually give you the desired happiness and peace. This is because real peace and joy comes, not from fulfilling material desires, but fulfilling your soul’s desires. This journey to fulfill your soul’s desires is called the truthful right pathway of your soul. To take this journey, you need the help of a guru. It is only through the gentle guidance of a guru that someone can stay on the right track and reach enlightenment, the place of eternal joy and peace. In order to detach the mind from its addictions, both conscious and sub conscious, as well as its desires, the mind needs to be gently redirected inwards so that it can get connected to the highest vibratory frequency and capability that the individual has. This is the work of a guru and this is why a guru is necessary on the path toward enlightenment.