Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji’s spiritual lineage starts from her Param-Guru
Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj, who was known as “The Healing Saint of Northern India”  a living incarnation of Lord Hanuman
Her Guru, Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Sevanand Ji Maharaj, who was known as “The Healing Saint of Endless Compassion India” a living incarnation of Lord Krishna
Both ascended Masters.

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoliji Maharaj
Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj

The Story of Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj: His message was   Love All, Serve All, Feed All”

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj was lovingly addressed by devotees and disciples as Maharaji. Translated as “king,” He was widely acknowledged to be a king amongst spiritual masters. He was also acknowledged to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-God that represents love, selfless service, compassion, strength, devotion and determination. Known as the “Healing Saint of Northern India”, many people benefited from His teachings and miracles.
Baba Neem Karoli Ji’s compassion had attracted devotees from all walks of life, from humble peasants to then Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri. His many international devotees include Ram Dass, a Professor of psychology at Harvard University, formerly known as Richard Albert. Ram Dass returned to the USA from India and authored books such as “Miracle of Love” and “Be Here Now.
Baba Neem Karoli Ji encouraged His devotees to serve God through loving service to mankind. While on Earth, He established 108 Hanuman temples and ashrams around the world. The spiritual qualities of selfless service, loving devotion, kind compassion and determination were particularly emphasized within these centres.
It was through His initiative that the World Health Organization (WHO) formulated a successful approach to eliminate smallpox in India. Those devotees who were qualified as doctors worked tirelessly through villages and cities in India to eliminate the disease, until the WHO officially declared India to be smallpox-free.
Although Baba Neem Karoli Ji left his physical form in 1973, He continues to guide devotees in the astral world. Many devotees worldwide vouch that whenever they experience difficulty, Baba Neem Karoli Ji would materialize in a physical form to help after feeling their heartfelt requests. Many people reported that merely being in his physical presence was a life-changing experience; their spiritual consciousness would surge and their material consciousness would simply disappear, resulting in an exhilarating joy and deep peace.
The basic mantra Baba Neem Karoli Ji left behind as the guiding principle to all his devotees was to “Love All, Serve All, Feed All.” Baba Neem Karoli Ji passed his spiritual lineage to Baba Sevananda Ji Maharaj, who was entrusted to carry on Baba Neem Karoli Ji’s work of the Cosmic Will.