• Daily fire ceremony powered by the rhythm of chanting, to cleanse and restart you while uplifting your mind and body to connect you back to your true self.
  • Healing and nutritious vegetarian meals using fresh vegetables & fruits that will assist in cleansing & detoxing the body.
  • Learn holistic cooking from celebrity chefs.
  • Become aware of the secret to herbal teas for an invigorating & healing experience.
  • Group chantings to assist you to become focused, calm, and heal you from the inside out.
  • Adventures that will connect you back to nature through pony rides, mountain trekking, meeting herbs, and sulphur spring dips.
  • Daily relaxing massages with pure and powerful herbal oils specially created by Guruji.
  • Daily 2-hour spiritual discourse forum with the Saint, Guruji Sri Sri Poomamji.

About Divine Bliss International