India has held since time immemorial the ancient wisdom to bliss and many a guru and saint have been born in this divine environment, keeping this knowledge alive and updating it to the modern understanding of humanity. These Gurus and saints have spread the message of love and infinite wisdom of attaining harmony and bliss alive. host to numerous saints that have kept the knowledge of the soul alive in the hearts of man. These saints spread the message of love and living in harmony. Giving us hope and inspiration to free ourselves from our limitations and karma, lifting our energies out of the darkness and into the light. Those who have been blessed to find themselves in the presence of these saints, feel that their lives have been transformed forever.
Guruji, lovingly and respectfully called Guruji by her disciples and students. Guruji was born and raised in India and comes from a highly spiritual family with a long established history of healing. She is a direct descendent of the Sikh Gurus on her maternal side and is from the royal lineage from her paternal side. Her spiritual lineage descends from Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj who was widely known as ‘the Healing Saint of Northern India’.
From an early age Guruji was able to converse, see and transform energies. She spent her educational years in India and England completing her MA and MBA. She has worked with leading scientists in the Himalayas on the healing properties of pure essential oils and conducted groundbreaking experiments with flowers, crystals, gems, and elixirs in Australia for 10 years.
Guruji is naturally gifted with the ability to shift, balance and reconstruct energies at all levels. She develops specialized systems of re-balancing energies, in which she changes and transfers energies to assist in releasing disease, pain, anger, fear, phobias and personalities from the physical body. Guruji taps into the energy patterns attached to your soul and then assists you to cleanse the soul of all unwanted patterns. These changes enhance the positive aspects of the energy of your soul body/ true body.
Guruji reveals the secret of truth to you of how to find balance in personal, professional, emotional, physical aspects of your life.
Listed below are some of the sufferings that imbalanced energy forms in you cause:
* Allergies
* Emotional Stress
* Stomach Pain
* Body pains
* Lack of Energy
* Depression
* Addictions
* Chronic Headaches
* Spirit Possession
* Low Self Confidence
+ many others
Guruji reveals and explains the true workings of fate, destiny and karma and how to free yourself from the limitations you have placed upon yourself from lifetime to lifetime. She regularly holds seminars and classes worldwide sharing the knowledge that can free individuals of their physical and emotional suffering.
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Connecting to Divine Bliss
Guruji is a self-realized master who has been graced with divine knowledge to communicate directly with the soul. Soul Awakening is direct communion with God. In Buddhist terminology it is referred to as Nirvana. In Hinduism, it is referred to as Moksha. It is also called Christ Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness.
Soul awakening is the pathway, which will allow the soul to unfold and understand it’s many manifestations. This will ultimately release all doubts of the soul’s true connection through the conscious or finite mind to the higher or infinite mind of the individual. This infinite connection to the self is achieved through the journey of self-realization.
The journey of self-realization or god realization or opening ourselves to our own infinite capabilities is greatly enhanced with the assistance of the awakened intuition learned through the grace and teachings of a God realized Guru or master.
Divine bliss is achieved when we understand our true inner self, connecting ourselves to the core, understanding the pathway of our karma, realizing the journey of life and achieving complete harmony within oneself.
Revealing the truth of self to yourself completes the journey of the soul and opens oneself to their own intuitive inner light and their infinite intelligence.
Steps to Self-Realization
Self Realization covers a wide spectrum of learning and awareness that fosters a deeper understanding about oneself, our family, our community, our religion and our commitment to life and its true inner values.
The main purpose of self-realization is to take the soul to newer levels of infinite understanding. Without understanding the self, at the different levels of being and the environment that one has opted to be in, one’s personal growth and development will be hampered. Understanding the limitations of the finite intelligence and its journey through the senses helps unblock oneself from the
the mundane into the abundance of divine bliss.
The benefits of pursuing self realization:
a). Understanding our roots to our emotional, cultural, religious, and physical selves. It is only in understanding the truth of our selves, can true knowledge be drawn upon and a connection with the soul be forged, giving rise to a more complete satisfying, abundant and peaceful life.
b). Awakening one’s inner self or infinite mind to share oneself in love and compassion with family and friends to become a participating individual in the community, understanding one’s higher commitment to the wider family of humanity.
c). Giving oneself the opportunity to gain insight into sense driven conscious or finite mind, understanding the limitations of the finite intellectual mind and how it creates stumbling blocks for us; thereby causing pain, sickness, misery, and a misunderstanding of ourselves holding us captive in the delusional finite mind.
Self-realization assist you in understanding the finer values of life and embrace the world religion of love. The experience of self-discovery through the finite mind into the infinite world of experiential bliss is the true journey of self realization.
Visualization Techniques
The power of our conscious mind through the art of visualizing assists us to free ourselves from patterns, phobias, and unwanted debris of anger and fear. Learning this art of visualization through a True teacher can open the doorway of connecting you to your true inner light and compliment the journey of self-realization. Visualization is a very powerful tool which when learned through a True self realized Guru or master can greatly speed up our journey of self realization connecting through our altered sense of consciousness to a deep sense of satisfaction and bliss.
Benefits of Chanting
Chants are sound vibration frequencies that help us lift our body frequencies and connect us to the higher vibratory forces of the cosmic consciousness and can enable us to speed up our experiential journey into our infinite mind opening the doorways to divine bliss.
Understanding the Infinite
God is infinite and our conscious mind knowledge is finite, hence it is only in understanding and opening our selves to our own inner light and forging a connection with our infinite selves that will open the true meaning of God (infinite) and our true purpose in life.
God is infinite omnipresent, omniscient, and always helpful. This is how our finite understands him, but these are not sufficiently compelling reasons to make us try to know him. We have heard this and understood this through our entire lifespan, yet we have never paused or given ourselves sufficient reason to stop our busy rushing lives to look for him. Even though a great percentage of us has always possessed the craving to look for something beyond what our finite mind understands.
This knowledge is not available to a finite mind; you need the help or assistance of an individual that is connected to the infinite source of life to connect you to the higher level of consciousness. This is why one needs a Guru or a teacher to assist them on their pathway to the light.
Those who are seeking for information beyond the finite realm of knowledge need to find themselves a teacher/Guru who is connected to the infinite. Only that teacher alone who already has the knowledge can guide you to the wealth of your infinite mind also known as Krishna/Christ consciousness.
Though the philosophical mind will always find reasons to justify its self, it knows that it can still get entrapped in vastness of finite mind. The finite mind is based on the intellect of the spoken, written, and understood word; whereas infinite mind is beyond words. Being connected to the infinite mind is experiential beyond the limits of the word, and every knowing heart and mind yearns for this connection.
The many stages of our intellectual growth determines our understanding of God/ religion; only those who have understood the infinite mind can set us free from the finite conception of God. The finite conception of God has given birth to many religions, many sects, and beliefs; the infinite knowledge sets one free to understand the true concept of giving and accepting self in finite form. It is only through the infinite that you can truly understand the finite. The finite has no way of understanding the infinite; hence no written book can put you in touch with the infinite experience.
The inhabitants of the Eastern world have understood the necessity for a True teacher who can assist us to experience the infinite. It is only the infinite experience that can set one free. Meditation is the methodology that can assist you in experiencing the infinite. Daily meditation is the pathway for opening oneself to the infinite. Yet, the ultimate meditation can only be experienced in the presence of a teacher.
What is the purpose of self-realization? What is to be gained through self-realization? What can be attained through studying self-realization? It is only through self-realization that you can get connected to the infinite mind. It is only through the infinite mind that you can experience divine bliss.
The finite mind understands desires. Fulfillment of those desires brings us pleasures or happiness. Happiness is limited to the finite mind. Hence, we constantly seek to stay happy. Happiness is always is always short lived; once one desire is fulfilled we are immediately in pursuit of another desire. Desire is insatiable. Happiness is never permanent and hence happiness is finite. What man truly seeks is divine bliss. The permanence of bliss lies with the infinite mind.
This is the core reason why man is still searching. Man will claim they want to be happy and contented, but man is truly searching for divine bliss.
Does an individual have the capability and capacity to find divine bliss?
Individuals that exhibit perseverance and determination, and receive the blessings of a True Guru can attain the state of divine bliss. Only through self-realization can you find bliss.
By opening ourselves to our Christ / Krishna consciousness the connection with the infinite self becomes available to us.
It is understanding the journey of the soul in each life time and it is the process of opening oneself to one’s own inner light and knowledge and therein understanding the higher purpose of one’s life.
What is Karmic Law?
Karma is the law of your actions taken against yourself or others. A few incorrect actions can not condemn a soul that is made in the image of God to suffer perpetually. A few positive actions do not qualify a soul to live in everlasting bliss. The amount of positive and negative action in man merely brings him to closer to understanding bliss or furthest away from the bliss he seeks.
The divine law of harmony (karma) has equal conditions for all persons regardless of their social, intellectual, or cultural status. When anyone acts against this law of harmony, they get hurt or dis-benefited. When they act in congruence with this harmony or law, they get credited or get into positivity. The positive and negative calculations, humans/souls create for themselves with their own free will.
For example, if you put your hand in cold water in summer you enjoy the experience. If you put your hand in boiling hot water, you dislike the experience. It is not with God’s prompting that you did either of these actions. You did it by your own discrimination. This is what is meant by free will. It is our ability to choose according to our intellect.
The more we come out of our finite mind into our infinite mind, we have better answers and a better understanding of the law of karma.