Guru Purnima Special: Understanding the essence of a Guru & Disciple Bond

Everyone forges many relationships from the time of their birth through their lifetime. Some of these relationships tend to be more significant and some even more extra special.
Such an extra special relationship is one that binds a Guru and disciple. An extraordinary link which is beyond simple explanation. Yet you can begin to understand this mystical relationship, by gaining insight into some thoughts like: 

‘Who is a true Guru?’
‘Why is it important to have a Guru in your life?’
‘How to know you found your right true Guru?’
‘What is special and unique about a Guru & Disciple Relationship?


A True Guru is the greatest divine treasure for those earnestly seeking a higher meaning to life and readily willing to expand their perception of the world. The word “GURU” literally translates to the ’Dispeller of Darkness’ as GU means ’darkness’, RU means ’that which dispels’. A “Guru” is the truest advisor, counselor, coach and guide to those sincerely seeking to understand themselves.

As an embodiment of the divine Cosmic energies on the physical, a True Guru is that most precious Light that guides the spiritual seeker out of the dark valley of ignorance into the eternal light of awareness and realization. A spiritual seeker’s highest sanctification is to have a True Guru who lovingly guides them to connect to their True self.

Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects the seeker to the knowledge and awareness of the Supreme – the wondrous Cosmic. The main purpose of this journey is to assist the seeker to gain freedom from their karmic actions – the cycle of life and death, and to gain freedom from their limiting thought processes.

A True Guru assists disciples to conclude their rightful duties towards themselves and others with utmost faith and compassion in their lifetime.


Did you learn the basics of life, the basics of reading, writing and more with someone’s help and guidance? 

Yes, we all had our parents and teachers hold our hands and teach us everything about the basics of this physical realm. They were our first Gurus…

Similarly, to learn the basics or to gain advanced knowledge of the astral realm, our soul and God, we need a spiritually uplifted Guru. Someone who has achieved the true connection with the Almighty.

Only a True Guru,

who knows God and is in oneness with God,

can connect you to God 

Everyone needs someone to hold their hand to guide and support them through the ups and downs of life and show them the pathway to their true destination. God created the role of a Guru to be this person. This blessing can only be bestowed upon a disciple by a true Guru. It is by being initiated to walk on the pathway of self-realization that a disciple can have the ability to open doors to the divine cosmic energies of bliss and everlasting joy. 

It is only a True Guru who can guide a light seeker to the amazing world that exists inside themselves by putting the seeker in touch with their untapped potential that assists them to manoeuver through the labyrinth of the mind.

Blessed is the soul who has found a true Guru in one’s lifetime. A True Guru is one who possesses the ocean of knowledge, and hence can teach disciples the knowledge of the self (Atma Gnyaana), through the understanding of which they can free themselves from the self imposed chains of karma that they have accumulated over multitude of lifetimes.

The highest divine blessing that can be bestowed upon you as a light seeker is being granted the opportunity to be guided by a True Guru.


A twinkle in your eyes, a calm in your heart and a feeling of joy when you meet your Guru are an indication that you have found the one who can pull you out of the shackles of stubborn patterns to experience true joy and freedom. If you follow your heart and flow with the bliss, you will have success in forging the beautiful relation of a disciple with your Guru.

While there are many teachers and Gurus that you may come across in your life, but it is only a true Guru who will who can reflect your truth and show you the path to overcome your shortcomings and inhibitions so that you can achieve your true connection with your own soul. 

Like the peeling of an onion, layer by layer the dry and useless layers of false illusions are peeled off so that the soft core of truth and freedom can be accessed. It is a process that only a true Guru can take you through successfully.

Watch this inspiring video of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji telling the story of Her experience of finding Her Guru, His Holiness Baba Sevananda ji Maharaji !


The Guru and disciple relationship is symbolic of a very special mystical bond which enables a disciple to open the light within in order to unite with the wonders of true freedom of the heart and soul. Understanding this beautiful bond will assist you to connect to yourself as you embark on the journey to open the light within. 

What makes this bond of great significance is that it is only through a True Guru that a light seeker will find access to the marvellous world that exists inside themselves. By putting the seeker in touch with their untapped potential, the Guru assists the disciples to untangle the mind web. There is a unique bond of love, compassion, trust and gratitude that exists between a Guru and disciple.

The Guru is the source of wisdom and knowledge that the disciple eagerly seeks for. Once a bond between the Guru and disciple is formed, the disciple receives the biggest opportunity of their life to express gratitude for all the blessings that they will receive. 


From birth, parents lovingly take care of their child as much as they can in terms of education and physical necessities. Similarly, a “Guru” very compassionately takes care of the disciple’s spiritual needs and guides the disciple to grow in terms of true potential, knowledge, inner strength and beauty to strengthen the soul connection.

A Guru is hence like a bridge between a light seeker and their true self. A Guru lovingly advises, counsels and assists the sincere seeker to connect to their inner Light & Truth making this a relationship of highest value in the life of a seeker.

In appreciation of the everlasting compassion and love of the Guru, disciples show their love and devotion on “GURU PURNIMA” day by honouring and celebrating their one true teacher – the beholder of the light. 

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