Guru Purnima-The Sacred Day for Honoring the “Guru”



Guru Purnima is a very special occasion when a True Guru is honoured by students and seekers of Light as they celebrate this beautiful day to pay their respects and gratitude to their divine teacher, who leads them to the ultimate treasure of the soul … its freedom.

A “True Guru” is that most precious Light that guides the spiritual seeker out of the dark valley of ignorance into the eternal uplifting light. A spiritual seeker’s highest sanctification is to have a True Guru who will lovingly guide the seeker to connect to their True self. Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects the seeker to the knowledge and awareness of the Supreme. The main purpose of this learning is to assist the seeker to gain freedom from their karmic actions and thought processes, completing their rightful duties towards themselves and others in surrender and compassion.

In appreciation of the ever giving compassion and love of the “Guru” as the beholder of Light, the disciples show their love and devotion by honoring and celebrating the day of “GURU PURNIMA”, an occasion dedicated to the one who grants the greatest blessings in life.

On this most sacred day, the devoted seekers honor their GURU as the “dispeller of darkness” (GU means “darkness” and RU means “that which dispels”), an embodiment of the divine Cosmic on the physical. This most powerful day falls on the full moon of July.

The month of July 2015 started with the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, a unique combination in the skies which also happened when Lord Jesus was born. This combination was called the star of Bethlehem.  This has been followed by a very powerful full moon on 2nd of July and the month will end another extremely powerful full moon of the year on 31st of July. These planetary movements in the universe are uplifting the energetic frequencies immensely and this can have a very positive influence on us if would like to benefit from it. The Divine Bliss family is always available to assist those who would like to know how to benefit.

The full moon day on 31st July 2015 is designated as the day for honoring the “Guru” by the seeker of light. This day of honoring is called “Guru Purnima”.

Blessed is the soul who has found a true Guru in one’s lifetime. A True Guru is one who possesses the ocean of knowledge, and hence can teach disciples the knowledge of the self (Atma Gnyaana), through the understanding of which they can free themselves from the self imposed chains of karma that they have accumulated over multitude of life times.

“Only a True Guru,

who knows God and is in oneness with God,

can connect you to God.

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Some questions answered
What is Guru Purnima?
Guru Purnima is a special day dedicated to honoring of the Guru by a seeker of light.
Who is a Guru ?

The Guru is the beholder of light for who shows the seeker their true pathway in life. It is the Guru who lovingly shows us where we stand with ourselves and how we can progress to achieve oneness with the Divine Cosmic truth of God.

Why does a specific day need to be allocated for honoring the Guru ?

In the true essence, a Guru should be honoured every minute and every second in the life of a seeker, as it is in humbleness and gratitude the seeker can truly give in order to receive. Dedicating a specific day as a day for honoring is to enable all devotees to come into their benign focus to give their love and offering to the one special person who is constantly showering them with love and blessings.

Why should a seeker of Light honour a True Guru ?

A Guru is a true representative; a physical embodiment of the Cosmic energies and honoring the Guru is symbolic of honoring the Cosmic energies for their divine blessings and guidance.

The universal Truth of honoring with gratitude and love holds true opens the seekers heart. “It is in giving that you will receive…”

The Guru’s love and energetic assistance is a treasure beyond measure.


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