Who is a 'Guru'

GURU literally translates to the ’Dispeller of Darkness’ as GU means ’darkness’, RU means ’that which dispels’. A “Guru” is the advisor, counselor, coach and guide to those sincerely seeking to understand themselves.

As an embodiment of the divine Cosmic energies on the physical, a True Guru is that most precious Light that guides the spiritual seeker out of the dark valley of ignorance into the eternal light of awareness and realization. A spiritual seeker’s highest sanctification is to have a True Guru who lovingly guides them to connect to their True self.
Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects the seeker to the knowledge and awareness of the Supreme – the wondrous Cosmic. The main purpose of this journey is to assist the seeker to gain freedom from their karmic actions – the cycle of life and death, and to gain freedom from their limiting thought processes.
A True Guru assists disciples to conclude their rightful duties towards themselves and others with utmost faith and compassion in their lifetime.

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