Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna


Lord Krishna, the divine light and energetic reincarnation of Lord Jesus descended on earth many many years ago to free mankind from the shackles of the vicious cycle of life and death. He threw light on the principle of Karma, which explains the cause and effect relationship of how all deeds and actions done by an individual effect that individual.
There are similarities in the titles “Krishna” and “Christ and in the tales of the miraculous birth and early life of both. They both were divinely conceived and their births and God-ordained missions fortold. Jesus was born in a lowly manger and Krishna in a prison where his parents were held captive. They both were spirited away to safety from a death decree to all male infants. As they grew up, Jesus got referred as a shepherd and Krishna as a cowherd.
Lord Krishna who shared in detail how every action has an equal and opposite reaction in the life cycle of the soul.  Lord Jesus, who took upon himself to bring an end to barbarianism and show mankind the selfless nature of love and giving.
Their titles identify the state of consciousness- the Universal Krishna Consciousness or Christ Consciousness manifested in these two illuminated beings. Their conciousness is universal as they shed the Light of God’s conciousness on the entire world.
The sacred occassion of Lord Krishna’s birth, is popularly called “Krishna Janmashtami” pronounced as ‘Krish-na’ ‘Jan-mash-ta-me’ means the day of birth of Krishna on the 8th day of the descending moon. This day is celebrated by His devotees with great enthuasiasm, pomp and show as an expression of their love and gratitude to the Lord for coming to earth to show the truthful right pathway of the soul. With the blessings and graces of Lord Krishna, those seeking the truth can connect to their Krishna or Christ consciousness in order to achieve the true connection of mind, body and spirit.
This year the auspicious day of “Krishna Janmashtami” falls on Tuesday, 15th August 2017the 8th lunar day of the descending moon.
Celebration of Janmashtami is observed by fasting and staying awake until midnight. Midnight is significant since Lord Krishna was born at midnight. To celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna devotees gather at midnight to sing devotional songs and chant mantras to honour the energies of the Lord. Connecting to the energies of Lord Krishna, connects one to purity of the mind making us capable of realising and attaining the highest truth. Only a pure mind is capable of grasping the subtle formless truth.
The quest for attaining Krishna-consciousness / Christ-consciousness is ultimately every soul’s eternal desire. On the day of Janmashtami the cosmic opens the universe’s light energy circuit to grant seekers of Krishna-consciousness a divine opportunity to connect to the energies of Lord Krishna.
Every soul wanting to connect to the eternal bliss is blessed with an opportunity to do so on this very blessed and sacred day.
To honour the energies of Lord Krishna, the Divine Bliss (DBI) family will be organising a prayer and chanting ceremony as an expression of our love, devotion and gratitude – on Monday, 14th August 2017, 8 pm to Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 1 am.
Venue: Divine Bliss International – Awakening Center of Self-realization located at 2319, Nursery Road, Clearwater, Florida – 33764, USA.
Join us for the celebrations in person or online !


The birth of Lord Krishna is symbolic of the victory of light over darkness, to assist the seekers of light to connect to their true state of being, which is called Krishna consciousness (also called Christ-consciousness in the western world) meaning truest clear consciousness. As Lord Krishna is the embodiment of the same divine energies as Jesus Christ, Krishna Janmashtami is energetically a highly significant occasion like Christmas.
As humans we are bound in the shackles of anger, greed, temptations, attachments and pain and we tend to spend our lives engulfed in the darkness of our own vices. Lord Krishna shows people the pathway to freedom from all vices through His teachings complied in Bhagavad Gita, the Holy book of the Hindus.
Like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita is considered an eminent guide for the seekers of realisation. It teaches self-mastery and inner composure to conquer the binding emotions to open the pathway to ultimate freedom.
In order to connect to the highest truth, the key is to travel inwards towards one’s true self where none other than the Lord resides. If one travels outwards, the mind gets entrapped in endless worldly activities and fails in making the true connection. The observances of the day of Janmashtami help the seeker to overcome the physical limitations of the mind and body and assist in making the highest connection to the divine truth.



Tuesday, 15th AUGUST 2017 

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