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The Truth About Meditation: What Every Human is Looking For….

Think meditation and mostly we envision ourselves, crossed legged, sitting, in peaceful environment, practicing breathwork. Perhaps it’s following along with an app like Headspace, or Calm. The truth about meditation however, is that it is a state we reach rather than just the physical practice. Sarva Lokaa Maa, Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji explains, “This altered state is what every human individual is looking for…Meditation is an altered state of consciousness.” It’s not about closing eyes and sitting motionless in a location that will give you the answers…”

This altered state is…when you have achieved something with yourself.
– Sarva Lokaa Maa Guruji Poonamji

So this explanation can only be followed up with the question, then what is meditation and what is its purpose? Sarva Lokaa Maa walks us through the state of being in meditation as follows: “We have to be focused. We have to go inwards into ourselves. When we travel inwards into ourselves, we find a place of balance, a place within ourselves that will bring us into this altered state. This altered state is when you have achieved something with yourself.”

So let us consider this idea for a moment. Imagine a state of being that is free from every subconscious pattern any one individual may hold. Repeatedly accessing the altered state of consciousness, is an empowering force, that shatters inaccurate beliefs we may have held for much of our lives. It is a blissful freedom, free of worry or pre-conditions and it is attainable through meditation. “How can one retain it? How can one keep it, is by doing some simple practices.” says Guruji. “Yoga has taught us that and various other arts of olden times have made it simplified. It’s not available….just because I’m going to sit every night close my eyes and sit cross legged, I will achieve this state.”

We build a determination to want to find this place within us.
– Sarva Lokaa Maa Guruji Poonamji

The conventional version of ‘meditation’ is turned on its head, and Guruji explains, the practice that we have understood til now, is just a pre-requisite of which there are many versions. Referring to the conventional view of meditation, Her Holiness tells us, “The state of that should be called the state of determination. The state of meditation or the state when you have arrived in meditation is total bliss. That doesn’t require just sitting down and…preparing for it.”

“You’ll have to open yourselves up to look for this divine, beautiful, blissful place within yourself.” – Sarva Loka Maa Guruji Poonamji

“When you arrived into the state of meditation, then your whole mind and body experience the exuberance of joy the absolute you can say, as if you’re standing under a fountain of light and the cascades of light are falling all over you, empowering you giving you the capacity to hold on, to this divine space.” There are many steps to get to this space and where it starts is in determination. The determination to arrive there. “What can I share with y’all but this that you’ll have to open yourselves up to look for this,” says Guruji, walking us through this understanding, and adds, “Each meditation sequence can leave you there and by meditation sequence, I mean that meditation can be done by simple affirmations.”

Isolate yourself into a space and look for that little dot inside you, the light dot.” -Sarva Loka Maa Guruji Poonamji

The core of these steps lies in breaking our links to the external stimuli and focus on that which is within us. The steps, says Guruji, are simple. “To make yourself calm, to make yourself peaceful, to detach from your cell phone, detached from your TVs, detach from your computers, detach from everything else that’s happening around you. Isolate yourself into a space and look for that little dot inside you, the light dot.”

People often find themselves hard pressed to ‘find time to meditate’ despite the wondrous benefits that lie on the other side of it. Sarva Loka Maa assists here in seeing these benefits and yoking our consciousness to an energetic, higher frequency understanding of life. “What is so hard about meditation? I think all it requires is your determination to achieve it.”

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