Honouring Divine Mother from Sunday, 18th Mar to Monday, 26th Mar 2018

A truly divine opportunity of expressing our love, appreciation, devotion and gratitude to Mother Divine 
opens from Sunday, 18th March to Monday, 26th March 2018.
Make the best of this beautiful and amazing period when the energies of the heavens soar in the glory of the Supreme Mother !

This glorious time when, we the children of Divine Mother get the blessed opportunity to offer our loving appreciation in gratitude and devotion to the ever giving ever so loving mother, is celebrated as NAVRATRI.
NAVRATRI (pronounced as ‘Nav-ra-tri or ‘Nuhv-rah-tree’) is a nine day festive time to celebrate and honor the glory of the Supreme Mother. Navratri means Nine nights of honoring.  Through these nine days and nights, the multitude forms of Divine Mother are respected and worshiped.
Divine Mother whose glory is unsurpassed, blesses us all with Her love and compassion showing us the rightful pathway so that we may be in humbleness and gratitude as we take our journey of this life. Let us take this opportunity to honor Divine Mother who is all loving and giving always.
Mother energies are predominant and reign supreme in all cultures as the one who gives life to her children, lovingly selflessly cares for them and looks after them. The various forms of Supreme Mother are honored in many different ways by different cultures. Amongst the Hindus, Mother Goddesses are worshiped in the popular forms of Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Annapurna, Parvati and more. Christians pray to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Lord Jesus. The Greeks worship Goddess Gaia, and the Egyptians honor Goddesses Hathor and Isis.
Navratri is a popularly celebrated festival twice a year. Once in the beginning of Spring (march-april) and next in the beginning of Autumn (september-october). These two periods coincide with the climatic and astrological changes and are an extremely powerful time to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. It is a sacred opportunity to express devotion and reverence to the divinity of Divine Mother. 
We are blessed that we receive this auspicious opportunity twice a year to express our love and devotion to the cosmic’s Female Divinity who is an embodiment of the infinite universal power of valor, righteousness, prosperity and wisdom.
Prayers, Chants and worshiping the energies of the Divine Mother during this period assist the seekers of truth to uplift their vibrational frequency through gratitude, humbleness and sincerity. With the blessings of Divine Mother, during this period the strength of the cosmic energies is heightened so that true seekers are able to breakthrough patterns of ego, ignorance, desire and other bondages that bind humans to the world of illusion. Breaking through these patterns enables opening the pathway to attaining freedom from the cycle of karma.
During the nine day period of Navratri, the cosmic energies are amplified and devotees are able to lift their vibrational frequency through their gratitude, commitment and devotion to the energies of Divine Mother. Many devotees fast through the day and consume one meal of blessed food during the first eight days of Navratri. On the ninth day, a big feast is organized to culminate the period of festive celebrations. Prayers and chanting are the of prime focus during this time, showing our devotion and dedication of uplifting ourselves.
It is also understood that during this energetically powerful time, all good actions bring positive results in many folds, so besides doing good deeds, making offerings and donations are some amazing things one can do for their Higher Self.
Honoring the glorious energies of the Universal Mother connects us to our own heart energies of love and compassion for self. And when this love and compassion overflows, others automatically feel it from the devotee.
The Divine Bliss family will be organizing a special honoring for the energies of Divine Mother and we are eager to share with you this blessed opportunity with the grace of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji who is an embodiment of Divine Mother, presiding this special occasion.  
You are welcome to join us for this joyous and energetically uplifting celebration time of NAVRATRI.

Days: 18th March (Sunday) to 26th March (Monday) 2018 .

Special Celebration Ceremony of prayers and offerings to Divine Mother will be held on the morning of the last day of Navratri, 26th March (Monday) starting 9 am to 1 pm

You can experience the joy of the celebration at –>
Divine Bliss International, 2319 Nursery Road, Clearwater, Florida-33764, USA.
The regular visiting hours of the Centre are from 10 am to 10 pm EST.

If you are unable to join in person and would like to connect online, email us for more details !  Write to us at info@divineblissinternational.org

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