Awaken Yourself with Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji

Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji teaches self-realization to all those that have the opportunity to be in Her holy presence. Self-realization is a study of awakening, understanding, and opening the light within the self. “Knowing Thyself is Loving Thyself” – a slogan of Her Holiness’s Light Ashram, Divine Bliss International, explains best what the essence of Self-Realization is.
The study of self-realization gives you the opportunity to find answers to your soul in totality, allow you to find peace of mind, good health, and open up your capabilities. It is a study of the relationship you have with you – raising your vibrational frequency so that you have an optimum life filled with progress, contentment, and positive relationships.
Self-realization is a pathway of the present now, and breaks all limitations and boundaries of religion – teaching that there is wisdom and truth in all great master’s teachings. The pathway of self-realization can only be led by a true Guru to connect you to the teachings of the cosmic, the great masters. Only a true Guru will assist you to harness this universal wisdom of the Truth through the heart and utilize it for your life.
Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is the answer, the One True Teacher you’ve been waiting for. Through AWAKEN TO YOUR SOUL Course, you can begin to get to know your SOUL and learn directly from our archive of Guruji’s Teachings how to Open the Light Within.