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  • Contribute to the Upliftment of Mankind

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    Giving is Receiving!


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    As Divine Bliss International Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contributions will be tax deductible by law. All your contributions from this project will go towards creating more uplifting, beautiful ashrams & sanctuaries of light.

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  • Flower Project

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    Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is the epitome of selfless love. Guruji teaches all of us how to open the light within ourselves, dispelling the darkness of angers, fears, anxieties, and depression to find the true potential we all have inside.

    Guruji transforms lives everywhere she goes, from India to Australia, Singapore to now America! Guruji has told us about Her vision to open a Light Centre where people of all ages can come and connect to a piece of heaven within themselves. Where people can spend a fort night eating healthy food, learning to meditate, do yoga, experience nature, and find balance within themselves again.

    For those seekers that are looking for that connection, to their higher self, their true self, this place will buzz with high vibrations of love and gratitude.

    To build this new centre we will need the people of America to come together! A place where we can unite as a community, elevate our lives, and improve this world that we and our families live in.

    One of the first steps to building this 600 acre retreat center is to unite within our current center in Clearwater Florida at 2319 Nursery road and raise awareness! One of the first projects Guruji has set for us here at Divine Bliss International is to build the most beautiful garden around! Guruji says that Flowers are little beacons of light that God has given to earth.

    Everyone needs to be a part of this fragrance. Would you like to plant a flower in this divine garden? We’re beginning as small as $10 a flower. You can honour one flower, two flowers, or a hundred. Our goal is to raise $150,000 and see this experience come to life in America.

    The world needs flowers because they balance the beauty in this world. What difference does a flower make to a person?

    Have you ever watched a sick person receive a bouquet of flowers? How absolutely blissful are they to have that gift?

    Studies have shown flowers to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, even increase productivity!

    If you’d like to be a little fragrance in our garden start with just $10. 

    You can contribute by entering the “Honoring Amount” and clicking on the “Add to Cart” button to proceed.

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