Celestial Mist


Instant Aura Cleanser

Relaxing Energizer

Mood Uplifter

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Infused with pure cosmic light energies, crystals and flower dew, Celestial Mist relieves fatigue, restlessness, jetlag and general lethargy. Celestial Mist keeps you in the present moment, clearing away unwanted energetic intrusions from your aura and instantly making you feel energised.

Usage: At arm’s length, spray your face, over the head, on the forehead, throat, heart and around the body 4 to 6 times.

Ingredients: Pure water, Pure rainwater charged by crystals, Flower dew, assorted pure essential oils, herbal alcohol.

Content: 50ml

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Celestial Mist 1 oz, Celestial Mist 4 oz