Divine Bliss International (DBI) embraces all the great teachings of all world religions and connects to the inner light and truth of all individuals in their search for the divine within.  The spiritual impact of Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad or Guru Nanak is seen not only from their works and teachings but it is also reflected in the effects that the example of their lives has on humankind.  The great saints impart knowledge both through examples and teachings and have a profound influence on humanity’s collective consciousness.  They teach that each person can attain spiritual progress through cleansing and polishing the mirror of the soul so that it may reflect the inner light of Divine Consciousness.

All great religions of the world and the great spiritual masters eventually lead to one divine pathway of connection with our inner soul and the the cosmic light of God. The teachings of the great spiritual masters opened the connection to our inner light, upholding the universal love of true unconditional compassion. Although DBI works with all the great saints, the main religious and guiding light of DBI is Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj who is acclaimed as the Healing Saint of Northern India.  In his 108 ashrams his disciples continue to carry his message of love and celebrate Jesus Christ, Krishna’s, Buddha’s & Guru Nanak’s birthdays, along with all the Hindu religious festivals, with equal enthusiasm.   DBI imparts the love messages of the great spiritual teachers, to bring forth a divine cosmic communion in the daily lives of all communities despite their different religious orientations.  The greatest love is the union with the cosmic, which will also come from reducing fear between various religious communities.  DBI works on the oneness of the spiritual existence and cuts the tension of divisions in the spiritual journey across various religious communities to reach but the one destination, love and union with light.
While Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj never gave sermons or speeches, he taught through his unlimited compassion and his profound ability to love.



What is the Christ Soul? It is the essence in man that has total compassion and understanding for their fellow man. It is that part of man that never judges, that has complete understanding of any situation. It is kind and tolerant, and yet it will not stand idle and be walked upon. As Christ himself overturned the tables of the moneychangers, he did not stand by and do nothing when greed was apparent. That essence is free of ego and completely unbiased. Everyone has the Christ Soul, it is in all people, but it just has to be discovered. When man has freed himself of all limitations and conditioning, then he will find the Christ Soul within himself.  The highest teachings of Christ are unconditional love and compassion, as he even surrendered his own body to heal the people and to teach them unconditional love.


The teachings of Krishna to all humanity, is captured in the Bhagavad Gita, the most beloved scripture of India. The incarnation of lord Krishna came to teach us the three fold pathway to soul realization. The Indians believe that the soul seeking its true pathway to liberation from the repeated cycle of life and death on the third dimensional plane (earth) is only possible by understanding and following the teachings that he has imparted in the Bhagavad Gita. It is only through meditation of his energies that a soul can become self-realized or enllightened. This is the pathway to “Moksha” or eternal freedom to transgress into the fourth dimension. When we achieve Christ consciousness or Krisna consciousness, only then do we truly become aware of the oneness of spirit and merge with the cosmic consciousness or the true light of God.


Guru Nanak Devji took on the task of uniting people to their true inner light. He taught this through simple speeches and discourses as are recorded in the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy religous book of the Sikh religion. Guru Nanak Dev along with two of his disciples Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala undertook long tours both in India and the neighbouring countries spreading the message of true communion with God by understanding the simple philosophy of the “True Thought”. He visited prominent religious centers of Hindus and Muslims, having discourses and discussions with the renowned missionaries and well-known personalities of various religions and leaders of the social order, spreading the message of light and love.  His teachings of connecting with god were simple. He taught them how to chant the name of God with love.

His followers came from all walks of life and religions and held his teachings in high esteem. His journey to Afganistan, Arabia, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East greatly impacted the Muslims there and till date, the Muslims still accept Guru Nanak as one of their teachers.  The Sindhis of Western India also worship him as one of their teachers. Wherever he went, large crowds assembled to hear his divine message of universal love, humanitarian service and the adoration and uniqueness of God. For him, there was Divine music pervading everywhere and in everything. Guru Nanak’s greatest message was service to mankind – to serve the people unconditionally and to feed them with love.  Till date the Sikhs who consider themselves to be the followers of Guru Nanak distribute free food in their temples.  Guru Nanak’s main mission was to educate people on the positive aspects of religion and to get them out of the limitations of religion into the magnanimous love of God.


Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj was one of the greatest spiritual masters of our time.  Even today, many years after his death in 1973, Babaji continues to touch people’s lives in many different ways. He taught, and still teaches today, in a profoundly simple, yet true way. His main teaching can be crystallized in the words, “Feed everybody.” This command to feed pertains not only to physical food, but to the food of the heart, direct and unconditional love.   
Following in his footsteps, his disciplines and their students in all his 108 ashrams continue to distribute free food and run free schools and hospitals and are engaged in service activities of schooling to the orphaned and needy children, feeding the poor, assisting the homeless and providing medical assistance to all in need. In many ashrams, shelter is provided for abused and widowed women.

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaj worked closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) to eradicate small pox from India.  He was a true healing saint.
Some of our most loved quotes by Baba Neem Karoliji:

“Cleanse the mirror of your heart, and you will see God.”
“Whoever works for God, his work will be done by itself. ”
“If you cannot love each other, you cannot achieve your goal.”
“Attachment is the strongest block to realization.”
“The heart never grows old.”
“Love the poor… serve them. Give everything to the poor,

even your clothing.  Give it all away.  Jesus gave it all away, including His body.”


Buddha went about teaching the Path to Enlightenment for 45 years.  When he was 80 years old, he became ill and predicted that after three months, he would enter Nirvana.  Lying between two large sala trees, Buddha spoke his last words to his followers that gathered around him:  “Be a light unto yourself, do not depend upon anyone else, consider your body. Think of its impurity. Knowing that both its pain and its delight are both causes of suffering, how can you indulge in its desires? Control your own mind. Keep your mind from greed and you will keep your behavior right, your mind pure, and your words faithful. By always thinking about the transiency of life, you will be able to resist all evils… Be the master of your mind…Our parting is near… do not vainly lament, but realise that nothing is permanent. Learn about the emptiness of human life. Do not forget that death is only the end of the physical body…” Buddha then entered into perfect tranquility. The highest lesson of Buddha’s teachings is compassion and to love selflessly to unite with the spirit essence of light. Nirvana is to make yourself permanently connected to the ocean of light.


“We are all part of the One Spirit. When you experience the true meaning of religion, which is to know God, you will realize that He is your Self, and that He exists equally and impartially in all beings.”

“The timeless and the universal message of the Gita, is all-encompassing in its expression of truth.  The Gita teaches man his rightful duty in life, and how to discharge it with the dispassion that avoids pain, and nurtures wisdom and success.  The enigmas of creation are resolved in an understanding of the nature of matter.  The mysteries that veil the infinite Spirit are surrendered one by one to reveal a beloved God whose awesome omnipotence is tempered with a tender love and compassion that responds to a sincere call from his devotees.  In summation, the sublime essence of Bhagavad Gita is that right action, nonattachment to the world and to its sense pleasures, and union with God by the highest yoga of pranayama meditation, learned from an enlightened guru, constitute the royal path to God-attainment” – Paramahansa Yogananda on his translation of the Bhagavad Gita