We have all heard the word “soul”, but what really is soul? What does it mean; where is it and how do we understand it? Why do we need to understand soul or have the ability to access it? What is there to gain?  What does our soul want? What’s all the fuss about meditation or spirituality or how can you apply it in your daily life? Divine Bliss International is providing you with an opportunity to answer all these questions and understand how you can lead a more fulfilling emotional, mental and spiritual life by reconnecting to your soul.
The purpose of this course is to get you in touch with the basics of your  spiritual energy and to help you understand how you can attain so much more by recognizing your soul; essentially helping you to establish a better relationship with yourself and with others.
Divine Bliss International is giving you the basics of spiritual science so that you may awaken to a whole new world within you.  During the course you will begin to understand yourself at a whole new level.
The topics that will be covered are:

  • Who are we? What is our purpose in life?
  • What is our soul and how to connect to it?
  • Understanding auras and their impact on us
  • Meditation and deep breathing

For course timings and locations, please contact info@divineblissinternational.org