Most of us, if not all, have troubled relationships that we would like to improve; whether it is with your life partner, loved ones at home, colleagues at work or even with your friends. In fact, the more we think about it, the more we realize that for most of us, managing people and relationships is the biggest challenge of our life.
What we do not know or understand is that there are a few factors that go into forming beautiful relationships, the first and foremost of which is the relationship we have with ourselves. For most of us, this is where it starts going wrong. If we want to have a beautiful loving relationship with another, then we must first forge that relationship with ourselves.  We must learn to understand, accept, forgive, honor and love ourselves first, before we can love anyone else. This point cannot be stressed enough and unless we do this, we remain fundamentally incapable of having loving, trusting relationships with anyone else.
Second important factor in forming relationships is managing expectations. If you ask people what their ideal partner is like, they will give you an unrealistic description of a perfect person, someone who simply does not exist. Over time, partners/parents/children/colleagues are just taken for granted; the expectation is no longer seen as an expectation, but as something we have a right to.  The imbalances that are created like this can have long and deep impacts.
Third, and very importantly, why relationships don’t stand the test of time is because they are all about me, me and me. Individuals are selfish and a relationship is about giving and taking. You need to learn the art of giving in order to receive.  But it’s also the art of honoring yourself so that you are not walked over in a relationship. If you only give and the other party only takes, you are not honoring yourself but you are doing yourself damage. It is all about balance.
This course is designed to teach you how to be truthful and honest with yourself, to recognize patterns of manipulation (of yourself), to understand your fears and angers, emotions that block you in your development.  When you have achieved a beautiful relationship with yourself,  then and only then are you perfect for sharing it with others. Fixing a relationship with another person really starts by fixing your relationship with yourself.  Once you know yourself and you become positively convinced of what you want, it will never be denied to you.
This course will make you understand all these dynamics and give you a 360 degree view rather than a one sided view which most of us have.
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