This is a therapy that can be done individually or as a group.  Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will take you back to your early years and rid you of the thought processes that you formed then and which became a problem or a block in your later life. In practice the most relevant periods to tackle with this therapy are the prenatal period and the first 5 to 10 years of an individual’s life.  These are the formative years and have by far the biggest impact on the rest of your life; these are also the years an individual remembers the least of thus a lot of what we create resides in our sub conscious brain and we do not have actual control of it. This therapy is very useful, if not necessary for everybody.


Before birth, one lives for nine months in the womb of the mother. The brain is being formed at this stage. Impressions that are made here can make a huge impact and stay present for the rest of a person’s life. Living in your mother’s womb, one is also locked in her belief system with all the good and bad that one can create. Examples:

  • An unwanted pregnancy where the unborn child feels that it is unwanted: this can be the reason for the child to create lactic allergies (milk ≡ mother ≡ allergies)
  • Smoking and/or alcohol consumption during the pregnancy significantly raises the likelihood of the child developing similar addictive behavior in its further life.


For some individuals easier to remember, but nonetheless difficult to interpret, impressions from early childhood can also make strong impacts on the further life of an individual.  Examples here are:

  • A girl can create the reality in her brain that the mother loves her sister more, even though objectively there is no real basis for it.  This situation can severely impact the relationship between the girl and her mother for the rest of their lives.
  • When a boy gets a beating from his dad he can store this anger for the rest of its life.  This beating can be justified according to the parents or any normal person, but to the child can be so unjust that it will impact any drivers in his future life
  • Parents move to another part of the world with their children.  If the shift for the children is too big (new house, new friends, different environment…) the children can start blaming the parents for all possible things going wrong during their adaptation. The child can carry this anger against the parents for decades.
  • A 2 year old gets a present from her aunt.  When she opens the present it appears to be broken.  The aunt decided to take the present back to the store to exchange it and bring it back.  The 2 year old remembers this as “my aunt brought me a present but then decided I was not good enough for it and took it back”.  She never liked the aunt again…

Such events can have strong impacts on a person’s life; can be taken far into the future and cause damage there. So here is a fantastic opportunity to reconstruct your life and get rid of unwanted baggage you carry