What is stress? If you ask this question to 10 people, you will probably get 10 different answers; all of them will be acceptable, none of them will be perfect.
In essence, stress is an overload of pending decisions or unprocessed thoughts. As an example, when an office worker sees over 1,000 unread emails, this is likely to give him stress. He will start thinking about the work lying ahead and about the time and decisions it will take to handle it.  He is also likely to take these thoughts home until the work is finished. Or for example the stress parents get from difficult teenagers: how to steer them? How to manage them? How to help them? They question themselves about what they are doing wrong and can’t come to an answer.
This course will teach you all about stress: how it is formed; where it’s coming from; what effects it can have on you and most importantly how you can recognize it and overcome it.
The biggest form of stress in a corporate environment comes from conflict. This could be conflict among employees, with a boss or with a one-down. All people have emotional baggage, and putting all this baggage together at the workplace is likely to create stressful situations.
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will focus the participants minds back on the job and take away any anger and irritation towards the job and the colleagues. She will help them connect with themselves, instead of connecting with the agitation of others and thus reduce the overall stress levels of the workplace.
Benefits of attending the course are:

  • Reduced individual stress and therefore overall stress levels of the workplace
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Better conflict management  skills with a holistic view of the situation rather than a flat one sided view

For course timings and locations, please contact info@divineblissinternational.org