According to ancient yogic traditions our body consists of over 100 energy centers. The seven most important ones go by the names of: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown; all of which sit along the spine starting with the root at the base of the spine and ending with the crown on the top of the head. These energy centers or power wheels are also known as “chakras” and are focal points for the reception and transmission of energies through the body.  They are closely linked with our physical and emotional (well)-being. For example, the feeling of butterflies or knots in the stomach in the navel area before high stress situations such as an interview is known as impacting the solar plexus chakra. The heartache we feel following a breakup is known as impacting our heart chakra.
After time and due to (negative) impacts from outside, our chakras can get out of balance.  This causes not only an energetic (and emotional) imbalance in the body, but can also cause physical problems. For instance, people carrying a heavy emotional burden can start showing physical problems such a crooked spine or a blocked shoulder.
This course will give you an understanding of what the chakras are, what their functionality is in our body system, what emotions and which part of the physical body are attached to what chakra, what is the type of work they do for us and how they assist us. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will also teach what colors are attached to each chakra and how adding color to the chakras can help you keep them in balance.
Another important aspect of this course is the maintenance or the cleaning of your chakras. You will learn about what diseases are associated with the chakras and more importantly how the cleaning of the chakras can help you with keeping out the disease. Keeping your chakras clean will give you also emotional benefits: you will feel more balanced, less burdened, happier overall.
In further level chakra courses, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will teach you:

  • How to open your chakras? This opening can only happen after you cleaned them and truly understand what this implies
  • The vibratory frequencies associated with each chakra

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