One on one healing sessions
In these sessions, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji takes on the task of addressing and helping individuals with issues that are personal to them. These issues could range from problems at work, problems with a partner, a family member, or an actual physical illness. Even though we do not like to admit it, most of our problems are created by us through our thought patterns which are affected by the experiences we had most especially as a young child or young adult. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will take a person back into their own history / childhood / young life or past lives depending on the severity of the situation and tackle problems through their root causes and not medicinal quick fixes. Soul healing is an example of such a session
Overall Benefits from these sessions are highly personal and therefore hard to generalize.  However the feedback on the benefits received has been compiled in to the following list and each therapy gives multiple benefits from this list:

  • A better understanding of self
  • Increased awareness of your physical, mental & emotional body
  • Reduced stress at and from work and home
  • Smoother relationships
  • Better understanding of your true purpose in life
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Removal of blockages or disease
  • Release of fears and overcoming phobias
  • Increased energy and well being of the body
  • Relief from body aches and pains
  • Freedom  from feelings of limitation
  • Increased focus and determination
  • Assistance in creating a better life
  • Overall a happier and more peaceful life