Removing spirit energies
When you have a foreign energy either in your aura or attached to the patterns of your soul, you can feel compelled, remain restricted or feel tied down to unexplainable, unwanted habit patterns and mannerisms. Not only does this impose upon the true characteristics of your essential nature, your present life karma will be influenced by the energy of the loved one. For example, if the energy/spirit of a deceased loved one is still attached to your aura (the electromagnetic field around your body), you may experience constant and excessive feelings of sadness, similar to depression. Also, the deceased loved one would constantly be on your mind and you may find yourself picking up the habit patterns you disliked most in them and quite possibly their diseases. These emotions and habit patterns may not be true to your nature and may lead you to engage in negative thoughts, emotions and activities. The long-term effects on people who remain stuck with spirit energies are detrimental and in future life will become an ever-increasing hindrance.
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji through her divine knowledge will help you understand why you carry spirit energies of deceased loved ones. She can assist you to communicate with their souls clearly. This will assist them to overcome their fears that are limiting them and causing them to remain with you as they are without a physical body of their own. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will assist them on their journey to reincarnate with new bodies. This allows your energies to become free. Once the energy is released, you become you and can follow your own karma. It allows you to regain your complete self and continue on your journey, with happiness and deep contentment of having done the best for both yourself and the one you loved. Ultimately this helps both of you move forward, in the most loving way possible