Do you feel in need of a quick fix for increased energy and emotional balance? This session may be the answer for you.
According to ancient yogic traditions our body consists of over 100 energy centers. The seven most important ones are known as: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown; all of which sit along the spine. These energy centers or power wheels are also known as “chakras” and are focal points for the reception and transmission of energies through the body.  They are closely linked with our physical and emotional (well)-being. Each person’s body has a rhythm, and the chakras assist you to maintain that rhythm.
Each of our main chakras is associated with a main color.  This color is the energy in the chakra. We can deplete the color in the chakra by (negative) events in our life.  For instance, the color of the heart chakra is green and so green will be depleted when you suffer heart pain with the loss of a loved one. Negative, stressful or painful events in your life will draw color out of your chakras, deplete energy from your chakras. This therapy will add color to the chakras that need it. Color replenishing is necessary to make sure that your body is healthy and happy.
We will put you in a room and put 9 different color lights on you: each one of the 7 colors attached to the 7 main chakras and gold and silver.  The result will be immediately felt as a boost of energy and general well being. It will give you awareness of your chakras, and the methods and tools to better deal with chakra imbalances in your body when you feel them.