Ever wondered why some relationships are so hard to manage? No matter how hard you try, you keep ending up in the same negative spiral with that person. The strained relationship could be with a close family member or a loved one. This can go much further than occasional arguing; some people cannot stand being in the same room, even though they have blood ties. Examples of such strained relationships are:

  • Parent and child
  • Life partners – husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Siblings

Sometimes it is possible to simply cut somebody out of your life and solve the problem like that, but often this is not an option: you cannot choose your parents or your siblings. Relationships with family members are difficult to step out of and most importantly we need not carry the burden of doing that when we have an option to change the situation.
The relationship upgrade sessions are designed to tackle a specific and difficult relationship.  This relationship can be charged by events from the past which could be this lifetime but could also be something based in past lifetimes. Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji will take you back into this lifetime and if necessary into past lifetimes and cut karmic cords you have with the other individual.  Karmic cords are a way for the universe to bring your past life actions and relationships into your present life. A relationship that was dark in past lives is kept dark by the karmic cord keeping the past relationship in the current. For example, revenge is the strongest cord, revenge will be taken into many future lives. By removing these cords, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji can take away most of the charge in the relationship and release you from the burden of it.  The result is often instant and will have impact on both, even if only one follows the therapy.