I first learnt about Guruji as a teacher in the lineage of Baba Neem Karoli, whom Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg went all the way to India to look for. I was curious about Guruji’s teachings and decided to join her online class. And the rest was history.

Guruji’s teachings are extraordinary on so many different levels. She breaks down abstract, spiritual concepts to simple basic truth that resonate with my heart and show me the unity and common traits of different cultures, belief systems. Guruji guided me to let go of my emotional hurts, to stay in the positivity, and to truly live and enjoy life. After all, I learnt that what really matters is to stay in gratitude, respect and compassion.

Through Guruji’s grace, I have learnt so much about myself and she guided me to discover my true capabilities. Before meeting Guruji, I never knew that I could grow vegetables or cook food. Now I find joins in clearing weeds, cooking and serving others. 

Having the opportunity to learn and serve Guruji is the biggest blessing in my life.
Guruji’s compassion is endless and Her teachings are the Divine gifts to the world. 

Om, in gratitude and respect to Guruji