Anju Modi

I came in contact with Poonam Guru ji at a time of my life , when the situation was the toughest and most painful emotionally!
She came across as a very friendly , smiling and welcoming person . I started sharing all of my emotional and life problems and got the insights and guidance from her .
She has the healing powers and gave me sessions of healing by using various stones and fragrances…. it was just amazing and miraculous!
Everything about her was so pleasing , logical and scientific too !
Whenever she used to visit india , it used to be the most beautiful interaction between us !
I am so much in gratitude to her and the God for bringing her in my life . I miss her easy laughters, her humor , her intelligence, her spiritual powers to see beyond… the most beautiful human being I came across.
I owe my success and happiness in my life to her ! 🙏