Caroline Mehle

Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is a true Guru.
GU means dispeller of darkness; RU means giver of light. Guruji is the Spiritual Teacher for my entire lineage. Her Holiness has taught us all how to connect to the positivity and truth within ourselves, especially when under enormous pressure whether self-inflicted or from the outside world. I have studied under her powerful guidance for 9 years. I will be 57 years old this year and have searched and studied many religions throughout my lifetime both home and abroad. I have found the truth, not just for me but for everyone I know who has the karma to be in her presence.

Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is a direct descendent of the Sikh Gurus on her maternal side. My family has come to our Divine Mother for help many times since she touched our lives 9 years ago. Over the years and she has always been there for all of us, even if she is½ way around the world.

I will give you 3 examples of more than 100 distress calls & visits to our Guruji. My oldest daughter 27 years old at the time was in and out of emergency rooms for 6 months feeling she was having a heart attack each time. Many different Doctors and many different Emergency rooms could not find anything wrong but could all see the irregular heart rates. After 30 minutes describing all symptoms for the last 6 months to our Guruji, the master of opening the light and dispelling the darkness, her chest pain was gone and has not returned in almost 2 years now.

My grandchild 4 years old had a tooth infection with immense pain. We took her to the dentist who put her on antibiotics right away and prescribed almost $4,000 + in dental procedures needed to be done right away. Still in severe pain we took the baby to see her Guruji. This was one of her youngest students at the time. This child was pulled off the antibiotics right away and Her Holiness made a special oil that killed the pain instantly, killed the infection and cleansed our babies’ mouth. No surgery needed at all; 7 years old doing great with her special oil.

Remember I am only sharing a few of the miracles I have seen by the grace of a true Saint. My youngest daughter was pregnant, we were all concerned that the babies heart rate inside the womb was skipping a beat. We took my daughter to see Guruji. Sitting in front of her spiritual teacher she shared the Doctors words and concerns, by the time she was done speaking this baby’s heart beat was reset. With an appointment 2 days after seeing Guruji, the Doctor was amazed at this child’s heart beat right in sync and still cannot explain it. Today this is her youngest student at 5 years old, yet Guruji has been working on him since he was in the womb.

My lineage bows down to this beautiful Saint here on earth. She has changed all our lives forever and still does. Om Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji for your unconditional love, the never-ending miracle healings but most of all how to find our true self.