gary Grunnet

I am one of the lucky ones who happened to be in the right place at the right time and when i walked into Divine Bliss Ashram for the 1st time and felt the energy there i felt at home immediately. I wasn’t looking for a guru-already had one.I had recieved an email from a friend telling me about the ashram amd inviting me to attend a podcast of the full moon satsang .Florida had just eased covid restrictions a bit and i was eager to go. I wasnt expecting to see Guruji there and even more surprised that she would be so accessible. There She was with just a handful of devotees and a few other guests.I was served a wonderful meal and then they started the podcast.Guruji described her mission-dispeller of darkness by bringing in The Light. I had brought my guitar along and had recently leared a chant about calling on the light within and later during the chanting part of the podcast I was given the opportunity to play /sing it with eveyone.It turns out Guruji loves chanting too and being in her presence and chanting with her took me to a higher place-divine bliss indeed.And that was just the beginning!!