Jana LaBarbera

On my spiritual journey I came to a point where I was ready to expand and to grow my awakened heart and soul within a spiritual community, a sangha filled with others who shared my passion for the teachings of Baba Neem Karoli. I googled #ashram, #meditationcenter, #Maharaji to see if by some chance a place like this existed…. Divine Bliss International: Community Ashram, Meditation Center and Organic Sustainable Gardens popped up, and 4 miles from my house, here in Clearwater Florida!
Divine Bliss,is filled with love and acceptance, a true home of peace and bliss, where with loving guidance from Gururji Sarva Lokaa Maa, Contemporary Saint and Guru from India and founder of Divine Bliss, you will find your heart opening to light and love. Starting with loving yourself, awakening to your truth, finding the light within your heart and soul, and realizing your pure potential, you can then live a fulfilling life driven by your creative purpose which is fueled with loving intention. Love All, Serve All, Feed All, I am infinitely inspired and I enjoyed meeting the people that visited the ashram, working in the garden and socializing and building friendships with the Divine Bliss Team.