Imagine a world in which each of us has a special inner core – a ‘real self’’- that makes us who we are, that survives death, giving meaning to our otherwise pointless lives”. Now! as I look back, I have been experiencing association with a Clairvoyant Sri Guru Poonam ji. Through her we got connected with ’Baba Sevananda Ji Maharaj Ji’, a true saint who had an extremely simple life. He was a silent healer. We experienced some rare energizing and healing effects through their blessings.

Through her metaphysical and extraordinary gifts, she has exemplary knowledge and abilities to easily explain and connect people to matters of the soul, KARMA, and even handling precarious situations in life.

I found that my family has been influenced to make life changing decisions based on influence shared with me and enjoy a secular version of Spiritualism.

Guruji runs a wide range of programs for which she has several participants different characteristics and backgrounds. She creates themes that are adaptive to the need and this makes her programs popular globally. The Divine Bliss Ashrams created by Guruji are a sign of progress for the community in that region/country.

Personally, I am eternally appreciative of her time and for sharing deep personal belief in a higher divine power to bring much comfort. Positive affirmations held the power to motivate me in person through difficult times. The healing effect was due to the continued sense of connectedness with her guidance. Such counselling also inspired new perspectives on life meaning and a positive relationship enjoyed by her gift for most of my life. Never have I seen such in-depth and unbiased observation in my life.