Lisa Gallo

Guruji is a beacon of light.

Ever since my first visit to Guruji and Divine Bliss International’s Clearwater Florida Ashram I knew Guruji and her mission were special. I have been there several times on formal and informal occasions and no matter the circumstance I’m always greated with love and understanding. The Ashram is full of soothing energy and is quite beautifully painted with thousands of flowers. I’ve been fortunate to visit with Guruji on many of these occasions and I love her. She is a healer and has helped me to let light and love into to heart. I have used the oils, tinctures, and incense that she creates and infuses with love and not only do they smell fantastic they are all very effective in altering and raising your vibrational frequency. Guruji is special, i think of her often and it makes me smile. Im grateful for the time I’ve spent with her and all of her disciples, who are all just as kind hearted and full of love. If you visit Guruji and Divine Bliss International you will be glad you did. Om.