megan shackelford

Guruji and the ashram create a respite and a haven for the people of St Petersburg. Their guiding principles of love, truth and authenticity create a service to the local community through education of nourishing the body, mind and spirit. We currently find ourselves in some very trying times in this world; Guruji and the ashram are a touchstone, reminding myself and the community to stay grounded and rooted in healthy practices. Gurujis contribution through her wisdom of organic medicinals and herbal formulations are unmatched! She is creating an amazing service to the people of Florida by sharing her natural medicinal expertise, growing organic produce and using permaculture practices on the land at the ashram. Organic food is grown at the ashram and prepared in delicious meals that are shared effortlessly with the community. I can think of no better offering to one’s local community, than to share food and health wisdom with people, helping them raise their immunity and their spirits. I feel so very blessed for Guruji’s presence and everloving wisdom and guidance.