Every human seeks a soul connection. That is the true purpose and goal of our soul. All our knowledge, experience and efforts can bring us close to our goal but a true Guru is the only one in this whole world who can grace us with this true connection.

Sarva Loka Maa Guruji Poonamji is such a true divine Guru in whose presence I have experienced true oneness with my soul. I have been Guruji’s disciple since childhood and with her blessings that I have had several miraculous personal experiences in my life. To share a recent one, last year my family and I met with a major car accident which could have taken away our lives, but the divine graces of my Guru we were saved and walked out perfectly alright from the almost crushed car.

Guruji has created a glorious and peaceful space at the Florida Ashram which is probably comparable to Heaven on earth. The moment you enter the place, you know it is unlike any other in this world. What sets it apart is buzzing light energies, artistically painted flowers on all walls, a flourishing organic garden and the divine light of Guruji. It’s an ultimate blessing to get the opportunity to visit Guruji at the Ashram in USA to gain the benefit of the high vibrational frequency.

I am very grateful to Guruji for being my guiding light to see me through in my life. Om