Om, my visit to the ashram

Om, my visit to the ashram was literally amazing! For the past 35 years of my life, if I had put peanuts to my mouth, my lips would rash and swell. If the peanuts entered my mouth, my saliva would thicken, and if I swallowed a peanut, my throat would swell. I had done some extreme training to try to lessen the allergic reaction years ago. But in Guruji’s presence, I ate some peanuts. The only reaction was my mind being blown that there was no reaction and my tastebuds dancing to new flavors. I ate other foods that had caused allergic reactions in the past and again, by Guruji’s Grace, there was no reaction and only flavors. From this visit, my chronically tight hamstrings finally relaxed. I played tennis in college and almost failed the physical exam because my tight hamstrings indicated it wasn’t healthy to play at that level of competition. When I tried doing yoga asanas years ago a teacher had said my lower back and hamstrings were frozen. Now I can palm the floor with my legs straight which I used to only be able to do after stretching daily for months. In the past, I had a hard time connecting with people and it was like my mind could not pick up on the vibes of others. Now, I finally feel I am able to be in tune with others. The downpour of blessings I experienced brought me to tears.
Thank you for letting me participate in the Babaji Sevananda Maharaj Honoring Day and for letting me meditate in the garden. The disciples helped me with anything I needed and I am grateful for their assistance and for all of Guruji’s Grace. I will continue to open the light within and I cannot express how highly I recommend others visit the Divine Bliss International ashram.