Ruth She

I first met Guruji by way of introduction through a very dear friend, Tida in Singapore. At the time I moved to Singapore for work not knowing that many people. It was a time in my life for deep contemplation and figuring out my life in general. At times I felt lost and that’s when I had heard of the many inspiring stories at Divine Bliss. I was warmly invited and welcomed at the center and attended a few get togethers where it brought all of us strangers together under one roof. We shared in our experiences and it gave us a safe sanctuary where we could spend time away from the crowd, to self reflect. Though I didn’t spend that long at Divine Bliss, I’ll always be grateful for the place it provided and for Guruji and her pupils for welcoming me without any judgement. If there’s one thing it stands for, it’s that no matter your background and your history you’re not judged. You’re cared for in an open and safe space.