Seerat Malhotra

Throughout my teen years I had a turbulent relationship with my mother. It went to such an extent where I would have dreams of a mother hurting a child or abandoning a small child in a fare. This was greatly disturbing and adding to it was my distressing relationship with my mother.
My father introduced me to Yogesh Uncle and I decided to seek guidance from him and guruji about this subject. We spoke about this subject in detail and I gained great insights about the reasons behind my recurring dreams and my relationship with mom. Mother and I shared a relationship that was primarily based on revenge, from previous births every time she would hurt me I would hurt her back and it was only till one of us would forgive the other, would this revenge pattern cease. After a lot of courage and constant guidance of Yogesh Uncle I was able to address my pent up anger, accept the negative emotions and forgive her eventually.
I always thought that forgiving her would mean that I could have a good mother-daughter relationship in next birth, only to realise that the minute I forgave her our dynamics changed completely. Fast forward to 3 years, today me and mom share an amazing bond. We are fond of eachother and love eachother deeply. I never thought I would achieve a good mother-daughter relationship and for this I am truly grateful to Yogesh Uncle and Guruji’s guidance.

Thank you,