Svetlana Sotnikova

The candle lighting ceremony is something magical, fabulous, at this moment the feeling of touching something light, gentle, but very powerful. Feelings overwhelm that you are doing a big thing with a little participation. Guruji is greatly grateful, her calmness, serenity, wisdom, beauty, love reaches everyone, from her comes the energy of goodness, happiness, joy. From the first ceremony, there were changes, the second, the third, and I began to notice that the first three days are so good, especially somehow it is felt. Changes take place in your life, as if an aura of luck envelops you. If candles are lit, it means that someone needs it, I think in life everything happens for a reason. For me, this is my personal, my space, where I feel good, cozy, comfortable, calm, protected, this is my world and let everyone find it.