Tianne Brown

My name is Tianne Brown,
I was introduced to Divine Bliss and Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji in February 2016. I was at a pretty difficult and low point in both my personal and business well being. I showed up at the ashram just looking for a way, teaching or product that could help me feel better. But what I found there at that place and within Guruji was something greater than I could have ever imagined. Within its walls I discovered what real tranquility feels like. I sat in communion with Guruji, conversed with her, shared a meal with everyone there, and exposed who I was without saying or explaining. There were no feelings of uncertainty or misgivings only the feeling of being welcomed as if I had returned home. As someone who had been raised to be a devout yet non- practicing southern Baptist that chose intellectual survival over any connection to the Divine through organized religion I would have never even considered myself as someone open to this form of spiritual teaching and awakening. But being in the presence of that Light, and Love changed me for the better. I was able to ask questions of Guruji I had never been able to ask of other spiritual leaders. I became a member/student of the teachings of Divine Bliss and Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji. I jokingly will sometimes say “GOD wanted to speak with me and I with GOD so badly that it revealed ITSELF in a place I could never envisioned myself being. Revealing itself as the only vessel that I would adhere to.” In other words GOD wanted me to pay attention so much that GOD came in a woman’s garments so that I might listen. I don’t know who will read this but I tell you this truth the people of the United States need hope and light. We are rapidly crossing into a darkness that once there can and will engulf US for at least a generation. Divine Bliss and Guruji are what are needed in this place at this time.
Divine Bliss offers refuge for those weary of mind, heart and spirit. It uplifts and reinvigorates ALL those that it touches.
In this right now Divine Bliss and Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji are needed here to spread light and hope along with teaching others here how to do the same.