Vanessa Miller

It is my honor to write today about Divine Bliss, the ashram that brings me great memories of joy. I was first introduced to Divine Bliss by my friend, who had  done her best to try and explain this beautiful  environment, but nothing compared to when I first got there. Upon arrival, I met many brilliant faces, glowing with an unrestrained happiness I hadn’t experienced so long. I was greeted and got a picture taken of myself, which would later be revealed side by side with my exiting photo. (This proved a true comparison, as you could see the physical shifts in my face from the utter joy I experienced in this place.) It wasn’t until a few visits in that I met the honored Guruji. Unsure of what to expect, I eagerly listened as she explained to us truths I had not been exposed to before. I enjoy my time at Divine Bliss because of the environment there—happy souls, welcoming in light and taking up space together, doing good work. It is always an honor to come in and experience the light and love.