Guruji Poonamji has the gift of healing!

My husband and I received healing from Guruji Poonamji when she was in Australia 20 years ago using bell sounds, essential oils blends and affirmations. I used to be depressed and worry a lot. I had chronic backache and headache. My husband and I argued all the time, he easily gets upset. He had stuttering problem and knee pains. We were having financial problems, but everything improved. We have been healed physically, emotionally and spiritually by Guruji Poonamji.

Through her teachings, we have also become more positive, calmer and trusting. Our livelihood has greatly improved.

We are forever grateful for the healing, love and blessings we received from Guruji Poonamji.

It would be great if I can visit Divine Bliss International again to feel its peaceful and healing vibration and importantly see Guruji Poonamji.