Thank You Notes For The Divine Experience Guruji has given to people:
Here’s what Hayat sent to us in June 2013 after her transformation session with Guruji:
My name is Hayat.  I am 32 years old and I was born with asthma which was generally triggered by 3 factors: physical effort, environmental / seasonal allergies (dust, pollen, cigarette etc.), stress / anxiety.
Since the age of 18, my asthma has been getting progressively worse, leading to asthma attacks and acute bronchitis on a regular basis.  This is how I embarked on a quest to find THE remedy.  I tried it all… weekly shots to immunize my body against all the things I am allergic to, cortisone treatments, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, clean diets and many more.  The best I could ever achieve was temporary relief, especially by watching what I eat (cutting out gluten, dairy, eggs, eating healthy, vegetarian etc.).  But it was never regular and sustainable.  Even under such dietary restrictions, my asthma would come back unpredictably.
I met Guruji in end of 2012.  It was never very clear to me what she does, how she does it and when she does it.  This whole concept of Guru was foreign to me, though I had heard great things about her and how she had helped many people in different ways.  So I was curious to get a session with her and to see what would come out of it.  It took 5 months for me to get my session (practicing patience is key when dealing with Guruji 🙂 ), but it did eventually happen and I am ever so grateful it did.  I have come to believe that when a true transformation has to happen, Guruji knows when the person is ready.  The transformation session lasted 3 hours and I walked into it with no expectations whatsoever.  It was basically a conversation, where Guruji just asked me to talk about my life from ever since I can remember it, to today.  She would stop me here and there whenever she felt something needed to be elaborated on further.  After my monologue she basically told me, among other things, where my asthma came from.  Fear was the main source, and she was able to pinpoint exactly where I was showing this fear and what I needed to do to get rid of it.  But she also did her Guru part, which involved clearing my energies from all the fear and anxiety.  It all made sense to me as she talked me through everything using logic and common sense.  I enjoyed the session and learned a tremendous amount about myself.  I didn’t even think about my asthma and whether it was gone or not.  Surely, I thought that if she could indeed cure it, it would take more than just 1 session.
The session took place 2 months ago.  My asthma has practically disappeared since that day.  I don’t know if it will be back again someday.  But I can safely say that this is the longest period of time I have spent without using my inhaler.  I have had slight discomforts in my breathing a couple of times, but it left on its own, without having to use any medicine.  As a fitness freak, I must admit that I am still processing the fact that I can just go for a 1 hour run without having to use my inhaler!
Since my session with Guruji, I have been feeling much more centered and aligned.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying fearless because I do still have fear in me.  But I feel that my relationship to my fear is turning into one of acceptance.  I was always good at rationalizing my fear and clearly seeing that it wasn’t a justified fear, or that it didn’t serve any purpose outside of harming me.  Yet I was never capable of controlling my emotions to not get affected.  Today, beyond being able to rationalize my fear, I feel that I am able just let it be, as opposed to obsessing on it and feeding it.
The benefits from this session are above and beyond the simple manifestation of my asthma; it opened my eyes and my consciousness on my internal condition and the effects it has on my physical condition.  And if my asthma does come back, I now know where it comes from and I know relief is within me.  This, to me is priceless information.
This session has given me the push and determination to walk my path fearlessly.  This might be a small step in the lifelong journey awaiting me, but it is a crucial first step.
Thank you Guruji!
Hayat H, Singapore
Here’s what Margaret T. said after working with Guruji

Margaret T. from Singapore
Here’s what Temple said after her healing session..

Rev. Temple Hayes
Here’s what Rebecca said after her healing session..

Rebecca Macionski
Here’s what Barbara said after her healing session..

Barbara Bertucci
Here’s what Imran said after his healing session..

Imran Rahman
Here’s what Amanda Holmes said after working with Guruji

Amanda Holmes
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji is a wonderful teacher, guide and healer.  Her knowledge on the theory of karma is quite unsurpassed, her teachings guide the soul to examine the self in the reflecting mirror of interpersonal relationships. Some of the great lessons that I have learnt as a result of my interaction with her:
-truly appreciating that our reaction to the external world is the reflection of our relationship with our higher self.
-releasing fear to understand the spiritual and higher value of self
-overcoming self-limiting believes of the current life
-understanding blocks and barriers we experience in our life as a reflection of our own limitation
As a therapist I have not met someone like her, her dedication and commitment in assisting people to break the boundaries of self- denial at all levels of being both through unconditional compassion and love is astounding.  Her ability to decipher mind blocks or illness energetically aids in deleting the problems within the deeper recesses of its origin or at it’s root.  The healing that takes place happens at the soul level and it is a very powerful healing process for the client.  She is a truly gifted Master.
Rajeswari Kul
I can only say that Her talent is truly an answer to the prayers of the suffering mankind, She is indeed a blessing from the God.  I and all my family members have benefited greatly in alleviating suffering at all levels of mind body and soul, due to the healing administered by Her and due to Her spiritual guidance.  I feel I am truly blessed to have found a great spiritual and religious teacher like Her.
Yogesh Arora
Re: In appreciation of your talk
We are writing this letter to thank you for the talk given at our weekly gathering.  Our members greatly appreciated the simplicity with which the knowledge of soul enlightenment was imparted.  The talk was rated well for its depth and spiritual content.
Arising from the warm reception of our members we would like to further extend an invitation to you to give follow-up talks at our weekly gatherings at your time and convenience.  We will indeed be honored to hear your views and concepts of soul development.
Chanbir S. Chadha
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji possesses, what I believe are, unique and special qualities.  This was definitely evident due to the past life experience I had in one of my sessions.  Her Oils and Gem elixirs also provide assistance with different ailments.  I was so impressed by Guruji’s initial healing session that I have continued to seek her help about different matters over the past two years.
Through Guruji’s teachings and guidance about how the answers are within ourselves, I have changed the way in which I now deal with obstacles that are thrown in my path.  Guruji is a spiritual mentor for me but she does not preach religion, she has helped me look at my life in a different way.  It is without a doubt that Guruji has had a significant role in my life.  The results I feel I have achieved are definitely not obtainable from a visit to my local General Practitioner.
I not only consider her my healer and mentor but also a good friend.  I would not hesitate in recommending Guruji to anyone seeking real help.
Ana Keffel
I had previously read that past-life regressions involved hypnosis of some sort and that the subject would recount many wonderful tales.  Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji quickly brought me to speed with her technique, which didn’t involve any form of hypnosis.  She says that she only helps the soul bring the images and events that one needs to see consciously to deal with difficulties in ones current life.
It is truly remarkable how much I have prospered since she performed that eventful regression.  Wherever I turn, I can’t discount the fact that some element of her work must have had a significantly positive effect in my life.  I am very grateful for the doors it has opened up for me.  Guruji is someone truly gifted and as such she should be presented with ample opportunities to brighten the lives of many others.
Vijay Raj
Looking back we are fortunate that we decided to consult our physical and emotional problems with Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.  I had some doubts in the beginning but when we experienced the amazing and excellent results of her treatment, we are convinced that she has God given gifts.
She uses nature in her treatment in the form of sweet and fragrant essential oils, gem and plant elixirs, crystals and gemstones complemented with the healing sounds of Tibetan bells and healing energy of Reiki.  She is an expert in blending essential oils.  The fragrance of her oils is light and music to the soul.
The help that Guruji gave me is invaluable and I truly believed that she is a gifted person and she would be an asset and assistance to many people who have physical and emotional imbalance if she is allowed to continue her experiment on the healing properties essential oils of flowers and plants in Australia.
Yours faithfully,
Wilma Coutinho