The Pink House – Our Feature on WFLA News Channel 8

Guess what… We were featured on WFLA News Channel 8 last night!

“Pinellas County Code enforcement is now investigating neighborhood complaints about the home, but a spokesperson says they can’t do anything about the color.”
In the article, Guruji says how the “Pink is the color of the highest giving, so that’s how this color was chosen by Guruji for our house! We’re ecstatic that somebody finally noticed it. Our motto is after all “Love All. Serve All. Feed All” which is very suiting for color theme of our house.
Here are some more things (in light blue) we grabbed from the article:
“I met [Guruji] and long story short, using her way of healing, she healed me,” says [Dave] Vanhoose.
If you haven’t met the team yet, Dave is one of Guruji’s students who recovered from both serious eye and back problems after his healing sessions with Guruji. 
“He believes [Guruji] helped him recover from a major back injury without medication. He believes she can heal everything from colds to cancer.”
“Vanhoose says the home is open to anyone who wants to meet [Guruji] and learn from her methods.”
This is true, anyone and everyone is welcome here! If you want to read the whole article and what people commented, visit WFLA News Channel 8 Website or Facebook Page.  
To end this wonderful update with some more positivity, here are some very insightful clips of Guruji that you all can check out in the mean time:

This article is posted by Tida Wei.
Tida is a student of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji’s and writes directly from Divine Bliss International (DBI), Florida. She regularly reports the latest news of DBI, Guruji’s teachings, DBI centre’s progress, events and festivals, and from time to time, messages directly from Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.

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