Spring Cleaning Too Early?

With spring around the corner and the daffodils, crocus, and amaryllis about to push through to the warmth of the sun, it’s time to start cleaning up the old, dead leaves.
This weekend was spent raking up all the dead leaves and burning them.


What's Love Got to Do With It?

Come join the Divine Conversations with Guruji this week as she gives her insights into Valentine’s Day.
Is Valentine’s really the day for love and marriage? Or is it about flowers and a box of chocolates?
Valentines Day has traditionally been about giving


Foods – A Best Time to Eat?

In the journey to raise our vibration, we do our best to eat the best foods.
Part of this journey is leaving behind eating meats and turning to delicious fruits and vegetables as our main intake.
But, are we actually benefitting the greatest from this shift?