2017: Commemorating Jesus After Christmas

Inspired by Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, January 5th commemorates Jesus as a day to be recognized annually as Jesus Appreciation Day.   This day each year will be set aside to appreciate the utmost compassion of Lord Jesus.   Christmas has become so commercialized with candy canes, snowman, reindeer and Santa Claus; the true meaning of the day has lost its spiritual significance.
Divine Bliss International honors Lord Jesus as our true Divine Father and has set aside this day annually to recognize the boundless compassion of our Lord Jesus.
We honor Lord Jesus as our Heavenly Father.   As true lovers of Lord Jesus, we revere Him and cherish his spirit forever.   We focus our thoughts of Lord Jesus on his infinite compassion and free our minds of the perpetual image of him being crucified on the cross forever.
Our love and appreciation of Lord Jesus as our loving Divine Father is the image that we choose to foster and uphold in our heart and mind.   It is time that the image of the cross and Lord Jesus’s physical suffering is dissolved forever. Let’s choose today to foster the true image of Lord Jesus as our loving Divine Father.
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji and Divine Bliss International are dedicated to this movement to enshrine Lord Jesus in our Hearts rather than perpetuating the image of the cross as a symbol of Lord Jesus’s physical suffering as a payment for his compassion towards us.
Lord Jesus is the True Light within you! Uphold Lord Jesus as the loving guiding light of your Divine Father of infinite strength lovingly showing you and guiding your way to the Light of Heaven.
Let’s all come together and free our minds of the physical suffering of Lord Jesus on the earthly cross of our helplessness. In 2017, together let’s embrace a new symbol of strength and compassion that enshrines the Light of Lord Jesus in our Hearts forever!
The Divine Bliss Family

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