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Guru Purnima Special: Celebrating the of Honouring Our Divine Guiding Light

Guru Purnima, the Day to Celebrate and Honour your Guru, your Guiding Light

Guru Purnima is that special auspicious occasion of the year when a True Guru is honoured by disciples, students and seekers of Light as they celebrate this beautiful day to pay their respects and gratitude to their divine teacher, who leads them to the ultimate treasure of the soul … its freedom.

Every year on the Full Moon day of July, the cosmic energies create a special universal alignment of planets and stars which generates a high frequency of light energies. This energetic boost of light energies marks the time to honour the Guru, who is the physical Divine Guiding Light of our soul. On this day the energy of love, devotion and compassion flows in abundance. ‘Purnima‘ means “Full moon” and    ‘Guru’ is the one who leads you to connect with the divine light. Hence, ‘Guru Purnima’ is the Full moon day to honour your guiding light.  This year, the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima comes on Wednesday, 13th July 2021 when we receive the greatest opportunity of our lives to come forward to honour our Guru with our love, devotion and gratitude. It is said that even the Angels come from Heaven to join the party on this day. 

Guru Purnima is a divinely beautiful day filled with love and joy dedicated to honour and acknowledge all the compassionate giving of the Guru through all aspects of one’s life. It is energetically the most uplifting and powerful time of the year to honour the endless blessings received through the Guru.  On this day, the gates of heaven and a clear pathway are opened through the grace of a True Guru.  It is on this day that disciples and Light seekers pay respect, honour and express heartfelt gratitude towards their Spiritual Guide, their GURU for all the priceless and generous blessings and guidance received all the time. A Guru lovingly advises, counsels and assists the sincere seeker to connect to their inner Light & Truth.

On the day of ‘Guru Purnima’ the planetary movements in the universe uplift the energetic frequencies immensely and this can have a very positive influence on those who would like to benefit from it.


Join the Divine Bliss family for this auspicious day and experience the wonders of a truly devotional celebration when we express our love, respect, devotion and gratitude to our beloved Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness 1008 Sri Sri Sri Guruji Poonamji, who is holding the divine energies of our lineage of Gurus.

We will also have a special honouring celebration to express our love, gratitude and respect to our lineage of Gurus – our Param Guru, His Holiness 1008 Baba Sevananda ji Maharaj ji and our Param Param Guru, His Holiness 1008 Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj ji for their constant love and blessings.                           

SATURDAY, 3rd JULY 2022 Starting 6 pm EST (US & Canada) ; SUNDAY, 4th JULY 2022 EST Starting am SGT (Singapore) / 3:30 am IST (India) / 9 am AEST (Australia) re) / 3:30 am IST (India) / 9 am AEST (Australia


TUESDAY, 12th JULY 2022 Starting 9 am EST (US & Canada); 9 pm SGT (Singapore) / 6:30 pm IST (India) / 11 pm AEST (Australia) ABHISHEKAM (SYMBOLIC HOLY BATHING) CEREMONY : Abhishekam is the ceremony conducted to bathe the physical representation like statue, symbolic feet of the deity worshipped. A similar ceremony will be conducted as a symbol of honouring the energies of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoli ji Maharaj ji and His Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Baba Sevananda ji Maharaj ji.

WEDNESDAY, 13th JULY 2022 Starting 9 am EST (US & Canada); 9 pm SGT (Singapore) / 6:30 pm IST (India) / 11 pm AEST (Australia) 

HONOURING OUR GURU, SARVA LOKA MAA 1008 GURUJI POONAM JI : The Divine Bliss family will be honouring our beloved divine Guru Maa, Guruji Poonam ji on the special day of Guru Purnima. There will be Prayers, Honouring ceremony, Divine Singing & Chanting, Divine Feast and more.

Select functions will be streaming live on Facebook. 

Those desirous of visiting in-person are requested to kindly book availability by calling 727-444-0355 for Florida, USA Ashram, since the number of visitors at a time are restricted.

** Note: The actual celebrations timings follow an impromptu energetic flow and hence can be slightly altered.

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