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Celebrating the Birthday of Divine Bliss International _USA

January  9th – Celebrating the Birthday Divine Bliss International, USA


We are feeling so very  grateful today and everyday for the loving presence of Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji in our lives.  Words alone would limit the magnitude of the gift that each one of us has been given in this lifetime to be guided by Guruji.  Guruji is truly emanates divine love from Her being.
The depth of love that you feel when you are in Guruji’s physical presence is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.   All your layers of age seem to melt away when you look into Guruji’s eyes.  You instantly feel the inward peace of a child with the comfort you feel of  being home in the caring arms of the Divine Mother Herself.
Once you exprience this depths of Guruji’s compassion, you will know your truest Truth.  The glow of Divine presence once you are touched by it, redirects your life and you  know in your Heart  that this experience must be shared.
Divine Bliss International was created to share this profound opportunity that Guruji so lovingly grants us in the clarity of knowing that there is a much higher calling to life.  Guruji allows those seeking their true purpose in life to touch the Light inside.    This experience is moves you entire being, as you feel and experience it for yourself!
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So many of us have become so distracted with the outside world that we lost ourselves in the pressure and rat race of life, forgetting that peace and inner contenment can be found through our inward focus of  connecting to the absolute wonderment of our True Self.
Once you have been touched by this blissful experience, first hand, you will be clear in your absolute knowing that there is more to  this life.
Guruji can grant you this most profound blessing when you come in sincerity that you want to know the True You.
The ultimate love you have been looking for all your life is to be found inside you.  If you want to experience this energy for yourself, come with sincerity and humility, and an offering to the Divine Cosmic Energies for being so fortunate to be graced of seeing beyond the illusion.
Firstly, we express our deepest gratitude to our beloved teacher and Guruj, Sri Sri Poonamji for be granted this opportunity to know our Truth.

“Truly Blessed our those that are

given the opportunity to Experience

the Divine Light Within….

 Nourish and Grow the Divine Light so it glows 

 from the Inside Outward”  


Divine Bliss Logo
On January 9th, we  celebrate the launching of Divine Bliss International, Inc. in the United States!!
It is our mission to create Ashrams of Light in the United States and world at large – where a continuous flow of Cosmic Light energies can be felt in abundance at all times.
In this consecrated space, those in humble graciousness can be touched with the profound opportunity to experience these glorious rays of Divine Cosmic Light.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to create these consecrated spaces of physical land, where these energies can be experienced to their utmost degree.   Individuals will be transformed by gifted themselves with the opportunity to immerse themselves in this Divine Cosmic flow of Light.
Give yourself this grace by being part of the creation of  these Ashrams of Light!  There is no greater investment that you can gift yourself with in this lifetime.
On the birthday of opening of Divine Bliss International in the USA, we sincerely Honor our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji.   Our Divine Bliss family would like to express our love, respect, appreciation and gratitude to Guruji for all that we have received.
It is only by the grace of True Guru that you can have this profound opportunity and blessing to be guided home introducing you to your True self again.  Discover and experience the essence of Divine Bliss for yourself!
Colorful roses brightened up the holy day

“The Bigger World will keep turning round and round, it is  the little world inside of you that you need to straighten out.”



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