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Enshrine Jesus In Your Heart

January  5th – Jesus Appreciation Day

Inspired by Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji, January 5th  commemorates Jesus as a day to be recognized annually as Jesus Appreciation Day.   Divine Bliss International continues to honor Jesus as our True Divine Father.   This day each year will be set aside to appreciate the True birthing of Love of Christ.In New Age Hinduism, Jesus is the True Messiah of Love and is to be enshrined in our Hearts.   Jesus is honored as the Heavenly Father.   As true lovers of Jesus, we honor Him and cherish his memory and allow our thoughts of him to be free of the image of him being crucified on the cross.

Our love and appreciation of Jesus as our loving Father is the True image that we choose to uphold in our Hearts.   It is time that the image of the cross and Jesus’s physical suffering can be dissolved from our minds.

How would you like to be remembered throughout history? …for the Love that He showers or in his last moments of physical suffering and pain?
Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji and Divine Bliss International are dedicated to this movement to enshrine Jesus in our Hearts.

It is only when you connect to the Jesus within you that you will be able to connect to the Jesus outside of you. “ Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji

Jesus is the True Light within you!  See Jesus as only the loving guiding light of your Divine Father showing you and guiding your way to the Light of Heaven.
How would you choose to honour and uphold the energies of your Holy Father, Jesus?  In sincere love and appreciation of Him or in remembering Him at his time of physical suffering.

Let’s Free Jesus from the Symbol of suffering on Cross and Enshrine Him in Our Hearts!

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