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Guru Purnima -The Biggest Day of the Year

Overflowing with Love for Our Guru on Guru Purnima

Every year, in the month of July, a special combination of planetary and star alignments results in the wonderful occasion of Guru Purnima. The especially auspicious timing of Guru Purnima is almost like an added booster of high frequency light energy abundant with love, devotion and compassion.  It is said that even the Angels come from Heaven to join the party. 

On this most sacred day, the devoted seekers honor their GURU as the “dispeller of darkness” (GU means “darkness” and RU means “that which dispels”), an embodiment of the divine Cosmic on the physical. This most powerful day falls on the full moon of July -July 5th 2020.

Our enthusiasm and passion to celebrate our Guru, stems from the boundless and tireless dedication Her Holiness gives to our own personal development.  Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects a seeker to the knowledge and understanding of true purpose in this Earthly life. Only a true Guru can help a spiritual seeker break karmic patterns and thought processes, and thus open up the absolute bliss of an open heart.  We are individualized spirit having a human experience, and only a True Guru can teach us how to see, experience and understand this reality. The ultimate goal is to raise our consciousness to the blissful truth, beyond the illusions of material life and free ourselves of karmic patterns and physical bondage.

There are many ways to celebrate Guru Purnima and honour our loving and compassionate Guru, Sarva Lokaa Maa.  Flowers will overflow at the Divine Bliss Altars worldwide, resplendent with all the colours of Divine Mother Earth.  Home grown food, from the Ashram’s own bountiful miracle garden of love, will be whipped up into the most abundant and flavourful meals.  Devotees and Disciples will prepare vibrant spun silks from Asia, turning them into beautiful dresses and gowns for Her Holiness.  This is truly a time for celebrating unconditional divine love.  It’s also a time for sharing and we urge all the followers of events here at the Divine Bliss Ashram to experience the warmth and energy of higher beings and light energies, with us.

Many of the students, devotees and disciples who have followed Her Holiness, over the years, each has a story of healing or incredible self unfolding, to tell.  We have all been touched and blessed by her divine light, unconditional love, teaching and understanding.

Blessed is the soul who has found a true Guru in one’s lifetime. A True Guru is one who possesses the ocean of knowledge, and hence can teach disciples the knowledge of the self (Atma Gnyaana).  

“Only a True Guru,

who knows God and is in oneness with God,

can connect you to God.”

Sarva Lokaa Maa has made it her life’s mission to open up the energies of light on Earth, by helping each one of us open our hearts, at a time in history when the darkness of fear and anger spread so easily.  Guru Purnima offers us a chance to honour this incredible blessing and opportunity. For the devotees and disciples of Her Holiness Sarva Lokaa Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji, this is an especially important celebration.

While restrictions related to global concerns over the pandemic, mean that many followers of Sarva Lokaa Maa might not be physically present. Guru Purnima will be in full effect, as Guruji will be present at the USA Florida Ashram this year. This is an especially blessed opportunity and for anyone with interest to be there to serve and honor Her Holiness, who would like to experience the moment, the door is wide open.

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