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Who is a GURU?

Preparations for Guru Purnima have begun! We are less than one month away from the biggest day of the year for anyone seeking to open the light within themselves! This year Guru Purnima lands on July 5th, 2020! Here is the first of many posts about the significance of this special occasion of honoring The Guru. To experience this beautiful opportunity, it’s important first and foremost to understand -who is a True Guru. Read this blog to learn more!


GURU literally translates to the ’Dispeller of Darkness’ as GU means ’darkness’, RU means ’that which dispels’. A “Guru” is the advisor, counselor, coach and guide to those sincerely seeking to understand themselves.

As an embodiment of the divine Cosmic energies on the physical, a True Guru is that most precious Light that guides the spiritual seeker out of the dark valley of ignorance into the eternal light of awareness and realization. A spiritual seeker’s highest blessing is to have a True Guru who lovingly guides them to connect to their True self.

Through experiential teachings, the True Guru connects the seeker to the knowledge and awareness of the Supreme – the wondrous Cosmic. The main purpose of this journey is to assist the seeker to gain freedom from their karmic actions – the cycle of life and death, and to gain freedom from their limiting thought processes.

A True Guru assists disciples to conclude their rightful duties towards themselves and others with utmost faith and compassion in their lifetime.

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