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Open the Light Within Movement -Aug 11th

Divine Bliss International is working non stop to dispel the darkness and Open the Light. This movement began though the inspiration of our Universal Mother Sarva Loka Maa Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri 1008 Guruji Poonamji, lovingly referred to as Guruji. Our world is being compromised by a dark force that is pushing people into fear, anger, depression, etc… Guruji teaches us through Her selfless wisdom that when we all unite, from every country around the world, every culture, religion, race, or creed, and stand to become Soldiers of Light in this Light Brigade, the darkness will have to dissolve.

Anyone who wants to elevate themselves into positivity, compassion and selflessness can embrace this movement. We are welcoming people to put their energies forward by lighting a physical candle for them at the US centre of Divine Bliss International. We would like to have millions of candles lit, marking the pathway of Light, each connecting us to a beautiful soul, a soldier of Light.

Guruji is currently at our US centre and She can consolidate and bring forward this energy that everyone is building all over the world. Hence we need a little physical connection of you at the Divine Bliss Centre, in the form of a candle honored by you.

Guruji only preaches one religion called love, compassion and selfless giving. People from all cultures and all countries are joining us to make this movement of Light momentous. We are inviting every loving soul who would like to be part of this movement to join us.

Our candle lighting ceremony will be held on August 11th at 8.30pm EST at Clearwater, FL. This coincides with the honoring day of Lord Krishna. History reveals that Lord Krishna came to this world to dispel the darkness and Open the Light. Lord Krishna changed the world by his selfless service to mankind. On His honoring day, we celebrate Lord Krishna as a force of Light and take this day as an opportunity to amplify the Light to the whole world Join us in this momentous event to open the Light.

Honorings are:

1. $21 for one candle that lasts for four hours of light

2. $31 for a candle that lasts six hours of light

3. $41 for a candle that lasts for seven hours of light

4. $51 for a candle that lasts for eight hours of light

5. $101 for a candle that lasts for three days of light

6. $501 for three wick Trinity Candle that burns for three days

You can honor here on our website on the Contribute tab.

You can also honor for your candle on our Facebook Fundraising page.

For any additional questions you can reach us at info@divineblissinternational.org or by phone at 727-444-0355.

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